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24housing Awards Categories

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Affordable Housing Scheme of the Year

Demand has never been greater and money has never been tighter, meaning more temptation to push through any old rubbish. But we only want to hear about those affordable schemes that have changed communities and lives.

Best Apprenticeship Scheme

The housing sector stands up for apprenticeships and recognises their huge value to younger workers and communities. In what way does your scheme stand out from the rest? Can you show us someone whose life has been transformed by an apprenticeship? Can others learn from it?

Best Diversity Initiative

For a housing organisation that has created a specific scheme or programme that helps to promote diversity and equality. This could be an internal or external initiative and applies to all forms of diversity.

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Best Green Scheme

This is not for the scheme you are most jealous of, but the category for housing organisations to show what innovative work they have done to be eco-friendly.

Best Homelessness Scheme

Tackling homelessness has been part of the sector's core value for year. But Homelessness has been increasing and services are under more pressure. We're looking for a scheme reducing homelessness or savinf families from unsuitable temporary accomadation.

Best Training Scheme

Upskilling staff and tenants is serious business for UK housing providers, but which schemes offer the best results? This award is for organisations that have had successes in this area, including working with colleges and universities on housing-specific qualifications.

Care & Support Provider of the Year

Often with little or no funding, housing organisations are providing first rate care and support for tenants. If you are one of them, this is the perfect award to enter. But this is an award for more than just the minimum.

Chief Executive of the Year

In a sector with an abundance of chief executive talent, who is the best? Has your chief executive gone that extra mile for tenants, staff and the local community? Or are they making waves in local and national political circles to benefit the sector?

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Communications Team of the Year

Internal and external, crisis communications and newsletters, the communications team are often the gatekeepers of information. This award is looking for a communications team that does more than just the basics and ensures its work is always of the highest quality.

Community Achievement

Has the community come together to do something amazing for itself? Have members of the community set up a scheme to help those in need? This award looks at the great and good of community involvement.

Customer Service Provider of the Year

The first point of contact for many in the organisation, so the reputation in the community often rests with the success of the customer service team.

Housing Professional of the Year

The big one. Who is that star in your organisation that is making a huge difference in the sector? This can be a frontline officer making the community a better place or someone with a personality to give tenants reassurance in tough times.

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Innovation of the Year

Innovation is somewhat of an undefined buzzword. But what this award is looking for is an evidence-based submission on something your organisation has done to improve the organisation internally, save money, or improve the lives of tenants.

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Repairs & Maintenance Provider of the Year

With housing stock getting older, and the need for keeping homes up to a high standard a key core of the business, this category is looking for those who have set the bar high, been innovative or wowed tenants.

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Tenant Champion

Tenants should be at the heart of what housing providers do and can be a force for good for both the organisation and the community. This award is looking for an inspirational tenant who has been a key part of their community.

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Welfare Wise

With every passing year the work of the welfare teams becomes more important. This award is looking for organisations finding ways of helping residents tackle welfare policies such as Universal Credit or the Bedroom Tax, at a time when tenants are in more need than ever.

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