About the 24housing Awards 2020

Founded in 2013 to celebrate the very best that the housing sector has to offer. The 24housing Awards provides an evening of celebration, reflection and recognition of the UK housing sector and its professionals.

There has never been a more exciting or challenging time to work in housing. Reductions in government grant and changes to the benefits system have forced housing providers to think creatively about the type of organisations they want to be.

These changing times have brought the best out of social landlords and the people who work for them. Vision, innovation and passion are the keys to future success



Driven by popular demand from within the sector, the awards recognise outstanding organisations and individuals who have demonstrated their ability to thrive in the new housing landscape.

Across all 15 categories our distinguished panel of judges look for entries that demonstrate value for money, best practice, successful outcomes and originality. With all eyes on the housing world, the 24housing Awards are a chance to showcase the great work that you do and to join with us in celebrating excellence across the sector.

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